Front-end dev

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What I do

Design + Development

I started my design + development career 4 years back, developing then a now fully hosted WebSite for a Tour and Travel Company i.e. Equator Air Travel & Tours. Since then i have worked on several WebSite Projects. All of which were worked on with HTML5, CSS3 & PHP.


My WordPress Experience goes 3 years back when i was part of the team of two developers who desined a Celebrity News Website that goes by TimesUg. Since then, I have worked on a total of 7 WordPress based websites. Including my personal blog Daily Tech Vibes with Tech News.

My Work

Who I am

Designer & Developer

I'm a Web developer with 3years of experience in developing web frontend and mediumly experienced in backend services in a variety of domains and tech-stacks.

I'm a experienced in designing system architectures and solutions for rapid scaling. I have significant experience working in startups and fast moving teams with fixed deadlines.

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My work

I developed these web applications in Reactjs, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3. These have helped me develope Experience and Confidence those particular languages. Feel free to test use these apps.